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Mekotron AB

Folkungagatan 11a
411 02 Göteborg

tel: +46(0)70 160 16 72


Having concluded several successfull projects both in Sweden and abroad, we have obtained a solid base of competence and experience. With projects focusing on smart sensor networks, drive- and control systems, autonomous vehicles, vision systems and automotive industry, we strive to emphasize cross discipline methods in all phases of the development process.

For Mekotron quality matters most and that is also why our clients choose to come back to us to find solutions for their problems.

Daniel Andersson
CEO Mekotron AB


Areas where Mekotron provide services:

* Smart sensor systems
* Signal and control systems
* Moduling and simulation
* Real-time systems
* Vision systems
* Communication and network systems
* Software programming
* Databases
* Product development
* Project management
* Electronics
* Adaptive systems
* Autonomous vehicles